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Hello Ladies… and Gents, look at your LSAT book, now back at this post, now back at your LSAT book, now back at this post. Sadly, your LSAT book isn’t our curriculum. This, below, is a preview of the curriculum we use. The crucial concepts outlined in it are enough to send you on your way to owning the LSAT like a boss. Check out the tutorial videos! Look down, look back up, what’s in your hand? All the cash you saved from not having to pay the other guys. Look again, you now have that score you’ve always dreamed of. 

PreProBono is proud to be partnered with the folks at 7Sage LSAT, who have generously provided us with their curriculum for use in our classes. Their curriculum below is only a sample of the full curriculum. To access the full curriculum, which contains a heavy dose of LSAC licensed content, go checkout 7Sage.com to prep for LSAT.

Logical Reasoning

  1. LSAT in a Nutshell: It’s Just Logic
  2. Theory: Definition of an Argument in LSAT: Premise + Conclusion
  3. Theory: Assumptions
  4. Theory: What Makes a Good Argument?
  5. Theory: Lawgic, a Language for Logic
  6. Theory: Contrapositive
  7. Theory: Negation v. Opposites
  8. Pattern: Logical Indicators
  9. Pattern: 4 Groups of Commonly Used Conditional Indicators
  10. Pattern: Translations to Lawgic (Group 1/4)
  11. Pattern: Translations to Lawgic (Group 2/4)
  12. Pattern: Translations to Lawgic (Group 3/4)
  13. Pattern: Translations to Lawgic (Group 4/4)
  14. Advanced: Biconditionals
  15. Advanced: Why is “Or” so Confusing?
  16. Advanced: 9 Common Valid Argument Forms
  17. Advanced: 7 Common Invalid Argument Forms
  18. LR Question Type: Main Point Argument Part (PT54.S2.Q11)
  19. LR Question Type: Strengthen (PT54. S2.Q24 & S4.Q1)
  20. LR Question Type: Sufficient Assumption (PT54.S2.Q26)
  21. LR Question Type: Necessary Assumption (PT54.S2.Q2 & Q9)
  22. LR Question Type: Weaken (PT54.S2.Q3 & Q14)
  23. LR Question Type: Method of Reasoning (PT54.S2.Q10)
  24. LR Question Type: Flawed Method of Reasoning (PT54.S2.Q1)
  25. LR Question Type: Parallel Reasoning (PT54.S2.Q21 & Q23)
  26. LR Question Type: Point at Issue (PT56.S2.Q2 & Q17 & Q21)
  27. LR Question Type: Resolve and Reconcile (PT54.S2.Q4)
  28. LR Question Type: Inference (PT54.S2.Q16 & Q25)
  29. LR Question Type: Most Strongly Supported (PT54. S2.Q20)
  30. LR Question Type: Principle (PT54. S4.Q17)

Logic Games

  1. Two Main Types: Sequencing games and In/Out games
  2. Intro to Sequencing Games: Part 1 , Part 2
  3. Intro to In/Out Games: Part 1 , Part 2
  4. How to Quickly React to Qstems from Logic Games: Part 1 , Part 2
  5. Or v. Not Both
  6. Distinguishing Or from Not Both in In/Out Games
  7. Get explanations for every lsat logic game ever from 7Sage at their LSAT Logic Games page

Reading Comprehension

  1. Humanities Passages
  2. Science Passages
  3. Social Science Passages

Preparatory Material

  1. Purchase LSAT PrepTests 7, 9-16, 18 on Amazon
  2. Purchase LSAT PrepTests 19-28 on Amazon
  3. Purchase LSAT PrepTests 29-38 on Amazon
  4. Purchase LSAT PrepTests 52-61 on Amazon

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