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PreProBono Weekend Program – Baruch, Fall 2012

The weekend program at Baruch on October 28-29 was the first to get our brand new one-day crash-course in logic games.  Logic games is the part of the LSAT that most students have the greatest trouble in, and also the part that students often get the biggest improvements in.  So a day of logic games training provided enormous LSAT-score-bang for studying-buck!

Attendance was great at these Saturday and Sunday Logic Games cram sessions, even with the allure of Halloween festivities that same weekend.  The PPB family had a great time giving the seminar, and testimonials suggest that students found it helpful too 😀

“Thank you for offering this free workshop. What I learned today is more substance than those commercial courses.” – Coleen M

“I learned so much more in a day than I could have by myself in a longer time frame.”

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