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LSAT Programs

LSAT Programs are Free*

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Our weekend programs are free, and we are happy to subsidize the costs necessary for us to run these programs in order to keep it that way. However, we do expect you to be respectful of this by making a serious commitment: showing up on time, paying attention in class, contributing to the learning environment, and staying for the entire program. To indicate to us your commitment, we are asking for a $50 deposit, refundable upon successful completion of the program, which means: 1) you are punctual and 2) you are present for the entire program. Please read that again. We are very serious. If you are punctual and if you are present for the entire program, we will refund your full deposit. Otherwise, we will not.

Our weekend programs assume no knowledge of the LSAT from our students, and we encourage students of all familiarity levels to join us. Historically, even students who have brought outside knowledge of the LSAT to our program have found our methods and techniques elucidating. Class instruction proceeds in the Socratic style or in small breakout groups; as such, class participation is mandatory.


Upcoming Programs

PreProBono Logic Games Workshop | College of Staten Island
Open to all CUNY students
November 13th, 2016 at College of Staten Island
Sunday, 10am – 8pm
Intensive LSAT *Logic Games* training
“Phenomenal!” “Inspirational!” “Fun!”

Apply here!


Previous Workshops

NYU Logic Games March 2015 

NYU Law April 2014 

College of Staten Island March 2014 

Columbia Law February 2014 

Fordham University January 2013

Hunter College March 2013

Harvard Law March 2013

Fordham Lincoln Center February 2013






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